Sunday, June 3, 2012

Corro Birthday bash & Rainbow Cake Michele's Pattiserie

Happy birhtday Corro-nya Sherla, hadiahnya  rainbow cake aja yaa, lumayan gak ribet klo pesen rainbow cake di michele's, ga antre nunggu sampe mingguan kaya di convivium atau union PS, ga ribet, bisa delivery order lagi, harganya lebih murah dr convivium, soal rasa yaa so-so lah, emg cokelat cake is the best deh... yang kaya gini nih toko yang mesti di simpen pin bb-nya hehehe...

Selain beli Whole Rainbow Cake, ak jg pesen Choco Mango Cake Slice, Red Velvet Cake Slice. Cek varian cake-nya disini aja nih  Michel's pattiserie

Here are the pics

Rainbow Cake

Red Velvet Cake




CORO said...

hello pipit my angel...coro is in da house...just by now check out your lovely blog...well i can't thankful enough for the wonderful cake brought by an angel and her OGRE,two things for sure, it was GREAT and just as SWEET as you...MUCH LOVE for pipit the angel and her "BAYI TUA" (hueeekh)

Unknown said...


attending to your birthday was so much fun & especially my mom never give me permission to go in the middle of the night except that day yaiyy....

Much love for you both coro sherla, thank you so much